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Infrastructure & Facilities


Every Centre is carefully chosen so that it is located in a safe neighbourhood, is independent, bright, well ventilated and spacious.

infrastructure and facilities


The interior and exterior of the centre, including stairways, balconies, and terrace are made to be child safe and supportive. A section of the walls in every classroom is rendered as an area for the child to scribble and draw on. The overall design, together with the teaching and learning material provide a child friendly, safe, hygienic, and functional environment that inspires and allows the child to develop in a manner that is natural, spontaneous, & graceful.



There is a library in every centre that has books for children of all ages. Children are encouraged to read during school and to take home a book of their choice or interest so that they may read or have their parent or other adult read for them. The books are replaced every month so there is always something new for the child to come back to.




infrastructure_facilities_4“What about fitness?” parents ask. Every A School centre would be provided with a set of age appropriate props that would be used to provide a delightful sports & physical activity experience for every child.

Children start loving & becoming physically educated, through this they learn social skills such as teamwork, leadership, sporting spirit and grow up to be healthier, fitter & smarter individuals!

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