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Feedback & Control


The feedback system at A School sets us apart from any other school. There are three channels for reporting and response. These are the Administration, Education, & Operation channels. At the centre, these channels are represented by the Administrator, the Teacher Representative for each group, and the Supervisor. Each of them is required to report not just the concerns and issues relating to their department, but also relating to the whole school. The frequency and nature of the reports and response is as follows:

feedback and control
Teacher Representatives from all the branches


Any issue or concern that warrants immediate attention or that needs to be informed is messaged from the school Administrator, the Teacher Representative, and the Supervisor. As an example if there is procession or traffic jam at the school that delays or prevents parents from reaching the school, an instantaneous message is sent by the Supervisor to the Operations manager and likewise, by the Administration Manager and by the Teacher Representative to the Enabler in the Education department. Consultations happen between the Foundation and the branch to further understand the nature of the problem and the impact it may have on the school, the children, and their parents. The heads of the three departments conference to determine the response and action is taken. In this case, as an example, a message would be sent to parents informing them of the situation and keeping them aware of what is being done about it to ensure that their child is cared for.


End of the reports are prepared and emailed by the Administrator & Teacher Representative to their respective managers at the Foundation. The Supervisors do this through a conference call. What is reported are the variations from the normal functioning of the school, and issues that need to be addressed, if any.

The heads of the three departments meet the following morning before school begins to discuss these matters and act upon the issues.


The heads of the department meet every week with either the Administrators or Supervisors to discuss the proceedings at the school and listen to ideas and suggestions that would help in the further development of the school. The discussion is collaborative, as almost always, what applies to one branch is relevant to all the others. The outcome from this discussion usually results in the modification of the current plan, or the introduction of a new activity, changes to an existing system, or the formation of a new policy. Proposed system and policy changes are discussed in this forum and only upon the acceptance from those present are the changes confirmed and communicated.


The second Saturday of every month is Parent Teacher Meeting at every centre. Parents are not required to make an appointment to meet the teacher. Any time between 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM they may come to the school and meet with their child’s class Teacher and others at School.

The class teacher is required to journal the details of the discussion they had with each parent. The Administrator summarizes the contents in the journal and presents a report to the Foundation on the inputs from parents. Reports from every school are analysed and the outcome from this gives the Foundation a very good understanding of parent expectations and satisfaction.

A member from the Foundation is present at every School on this Saturday to talk to all the staff, including the Assistants and Maids at the school for their views on the difficulties they experience and what could be done to make the school a better place for all and for their work to be an experience that they cherish.

Beginning & End of Year

School Hall Meetings happens twice a year at every school– once at the beginning of the year and once a little before the end of the year. The Governors from every department  meet the parents to hear directly from them about their views of schooling and the functioning of A School. Any parent may introduce any topic and the discussion is spontaneous. It is also an opportunity for the Governors and other members from the Foundation to talk about the organization, the practices and the purpose and intent with which it is being done. New initiatives are discussed in the School Hall Meeting and inputs are given importance in the crystallization of these initiatives.

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