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Faculty & Training


Our selection criteria for teachers are stringent. Every candidate is interviewed at the Foundation office by senior members in the Personnel, Education, & Administration departments. Only those who are found to have an aptitude to work with children and are interested in doing so are considered. Written and oral communication in English and interpersonal skills are basic requirements that need to be met by every teacher. A teacher leaving during the School year is perhaps the greatest problem Preschools in India are faced with. We address this by making the school environment friendly and supportive, and encourage teachers in several ways so that those that who must leave because of family reasons stay on at least till the end of the School Year.


Once selected, they undergo an intensive Teacher Preparation program that is spread over two weeks. This program prepares candidates to be effective teachers. Experts in different areas are invited to talk about the prevailing theories and practices in areas that include Early Childhood Development, Child & Family Psychology, Learning Styles and Teaching Methods, Facilitation, and Classroom Management. Every teacher is evaluated and additional training is given to those in need. This ensures that every teacher is prepared adequately to work with children both individually and in groups and develop holistically.


Following the Teacher Preparation Program is Curriculum Training. This is specific to the methodology used at A School. Teachers get to know how the curriculum is prepared, what the learning objectives imply and how the lesson plans are created. Learning is child centred and self paced. While a majority of the children in the classroom would be working on a specific Learning Objective, there would be a few that are behind and few ahead. The teacher is trained to handle situations like this and ensure that every child gets the most from every period.


Curriculum Orientation happens once a month and goes on right through the School year. Teachers from a ‘cluster’ of schools meet with the Educators on a Saturday to review the Activity & Lesson Plans of  the previous month and get a Preview of the Plans for the following month. Activity & Lesson Plans detail what is to be taught and how it is to be taught.

 Professional Development Programs for teachers happen through the year. Specialists and Accomplished people from various fields are invited to deliver lectures, present seminars, and conduct workshops that would help in the development of the teacher as an individual and thereby help them become better teachers. These programs are designed to transform the teacher and empower them to positively transform the lives of their students.

training-room-02 Our Educators and Academics visit our schools several times during the month and sit in classes themselves to understand the needs of the children, assess the teacher, and gather inputs that are later incorporated into the subsequent months Plans and modifications of the Curriculum.


Teacher assessment is continuous and teacher evaluation is done at the end of every Term. During this evaluation, teachers are made aware of their strengths as well as their areas for improvement.


An elaborate selection process, intense teacher preparation, relevant curriculum training & orientation, professional development, and continuous assessment make certain that every teacher in the system is equipped to meet the needs of every child and that every child develops to his or her  fullest potential. It also ensures that the methodology and approach at every centre is similar. The low teacher to student ratio of 1 is to 15 makes it possible for the individual needs of every child to be met.

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