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Administration & Management

administration and management
Our Administrators on accepting a round of applause from parents for Galaxy

Our Administrator is the overall in charge of the School. The Administrator is there before the Teachers & Studetns arrive and leaves only after all they have left.


The primary role of the Administrator is to maximize parental involvement in developing and delivering the highest standards for the everyday functioning of the school.

Parents have an opportunity to meet the Administrator when they drop off their child or during pick up. Those who are unable to meet the Administrator in person can call and talk directly at any time.


Management structure is such that the Administrators have direct access to the management. Observations, suggestions, concerns, and issues are discussed everyday with the Governor who is the overall in charge of all the branches. Decisions taken, issues resolved, and suggestions are noted and circulated at the end of each call  to the Board of Governors and to the Trustees.


Every alternate week, the Administrators come to the Foundation Office to meet with the Board of Governors. Issues and suggestions are discussed in detail and policy changes are made. Resolutions from these meetings are communicated at the end of the meeting to all those required and changes are effected with minimal delays.


In addition to the Administrators, there is a Supervisor at every branch to monitor the operations of the school in all the areas on a continuous basis, every day. The Supervisors report their observations to the Operations Manager who coordinates with the other departments and external agencies to facilitate the proper functioning of the center.


The Foundation Office comprises of the Governor for each department and the team of Educators. This forms the Core Group of the organization. The Core Group meets every day to discuss the updates from each of the respective departments from every school. In the process, everyone in the management is fully informed about the functioning of every school every day.

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