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TWO's day Tuesday

Double the fun on Twosday Tuesday!

Twosday Tuesday was an interesting activity that helped kids bond with each other and promoted the community values of sharing, teamwork and adjustment. It was carried out in A Schools across Chennai and the outcome was quite interesting. The whole experience brought in a lot of camaraderie and a bit of bickering too which was quite amusing!


The crux of Twosday Tuesday was that kids were divided into pairs and all activities for the day were performed as a pair. Each centre had its own unique experience to share and here’s a look.


The Valasarawakkam branch started the day with a fitness program where the kids were paired up and made to race. They seemed to be filled with a new burst of energy and found this kind of racing quite novel. For children of Pre-KG and K2, the key activity for the day was sponge dabbing and they had loads of fun dabbing away together! Though it got a bit messy too!


Children of K1 recited rhymes in pairs, when one forgot a line, the other would come to his or her rescue and they realized the value of working as a team spirit. For P1 kids, the activity was to read together. They also had some doubts which the teacher clarified and sometimes they did it themselves.


They also shared their snacks and lunch. Teachers also made it a point that kids were matched with different partners for different activities so they got to know the rest of the class better.


The Velachery Tansi Nagar branch handled Twosday Tuesday a bit differently. The children sat down in pairs with their friends. They were given a drawing and colouring activity to complete. While one child drew a picture of his or her friend’s choice, the partner had to colour the picture using colours, the partner suggested. This resulted in quite a bit of disagreement but finally they managed to settle their differences and complete the activity with amazing results. However beyond that, the bigger life lesson learnt was that collaborating can make everyone win together!


Collaborating while colouring!



Teaming up to create art!


The Annanagar East branch had quite a diverse spectrum of activities to be done in twos. Some of them were writing together, completing workbook activity together, enjoying a pretend rollercoaster ride, presenting a show together and much more. They had great fun and made new friends too as they moved out of their regular set of friends and met others.



Double the fun when everyone teams up in twos!



Putting up the Cat Show together!



Working together in a team!


The Washermanpet Branch had a host of activities like teams of twos explaining topics, completing workbooks together, sharing food and so on. They enjoyed the activity and it proved to be a memorable one which they will remember for long.


Identifying fruits together!



Learning to share!



Doing workbook activities together is fun!


Twosday Tuesday was a big success. Our l’il teams not only learnt sharing and team work, they also learnt social and communication skills. These will give them a strong foundation for success in any endeavour they undertake as they grow.

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