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Circle Time

Children love to talk. When there is learning required, as one would expect in class, the talk is confined mostly to what is relevant.


What happens to all that children would love to say, that we seldom hear? At A School, there is time set aside just for this - for children to talk and the teacher to orchestrate. This time at school is what we call Circle Time. The children, along with the teacher, sit in a circle. One or more topics are discussed and every child is encouraged to speak.


The teacher facilitates the discussion to ensure that the right information, right habits, right thoughts and right values are the natural outcome.


Circle Time is very effective for topics that a parent would like the teacher talk to their child about. It could be regarding an issue, challenge or change that they would like to see in their child, it doesn’t really matter because as it is presented as a subject of common interest and thereby, child is free from the burden of being in focus and more likely to listen and realize.

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