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Theme Trips


Theme Trip - Post Office

Theme Trip - Fire Station

Theme Trip - Library

Theme Trip - Cars and Bikes

Theme Trip - Testimonials

Theme Trips are organized once a Term. The purpose is for the children to experience the world outside of school with their classmates. It might be a Church Christmas or Temple or nature reserve, children learn about different places other than school and home. They learn more about their environment and their community while enjoying a day out with friends.


Following is an account by the Administrator, Anna Nagar East A School of the field trip to the Church.

8 o’clock in the morning I rushed to the school to make sure that everything is fine. Myself and all the teachers wrote the children’s name on the sticker and packed the A FRESH for the children. Then we were waiting for the bus to come.


Children started coming very early. By 9 o’clock 3 buses reached the school. We teachers along with parent council members and parent volunteer started boarding the toddlers then the pre schoolers in the buses. Bus no1 left the school by 9.15 and bus no 2 left by9.30.The journey towards the church started for all the children. Dr. Sandhya had sent 4 people from the church to guide the bus and to regulate the traffic on the way.


Children reached the church by 9.45. People were standing in the reception to welcome our children. There was a big banner in front of the church with A School logo and ANNA NAGAR EAST on it. The church was explicitly decorated with balloons and Christmas trees. SANTA CLAUS shook hands with the children and greeted the children. Children enjoyed by singing carols , playing games , listening story of why we celebrate Christmas , magic show , and the most exciting the puppet show which children loved the most .Children were given gifts, chocolate and balloons by SANTA CLAUS. After all this the children were taken to the triangular park just opposite to the church there the children had their snacks and played for some time and then boarded the bus. The same way elementary children were also taken.


Christmas was celebrated the best way possible with an amazing experience to have visited the church to celebrate Christmas. The day was really a most memorable day.

Parents contributed to their full effort. Thank you very much parents and special thanks to Dr. Sandhya and to her family for this wonderful experience and the day ended with a great success.

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