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A School Philosophy


We follow the following triad of philosophical approaches to learning:

Natural Learning

Natural Learning

Learning happens best through curiosity.

Children are naturally curious. They learn by exploring their surroundings and observing the people around them.

We enhance this curiosity by asking appropriate questions and providing the right resources in an environment that is encouraging and respectful of each individual child.

Children are encouraged to explore new ideas and are guided in a manner that allows them to gain self confidence. The goal is for them to become creative thinkers who can question assumptions and learn independently.

Spontaneous Living

Spontaneous Living

Spontaneity is essential for natural learning. A spontaneous mind which is full of respect for others, has tremendous energy.

As adults, we often find ourselves wanting in spontaneity. However, children have much to teach us about being spontaneous, honest, open and curious. This virtue is often lost over the years as children’s natural instincts are curbed and limited by unquestioned authority.

Children at ‘A School’ are encouraged to express themselves rather than conform to a strict code of conduct. Without any external pressures, children remain spontaneous and enjoy the things they do, thereby retaining what they have learnt.

Children come into this world with unique talents and gifts to share. Providing them with the right space to spontaneously explore their nature, is at the heart of our approach.

Graceful Being

Graceful Being

We endeavour to inspire children at A School to be graceful in the way they relate to themselves, others and their environment.

Children are encouraged to empathise with others, be kind and generous in their behaviour and lend support whenever needed. Role-playing is an important part of this process, since learning how to see the world through other people’s eyes allows us to be more sensitive to their feelings and needs. Spontaneity is important in life; also important is being aware of other people and valuing them equally.

Inspiring young children to accept others for who they are helps them to grow into caring and compassionate people.

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