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Theme Trip - Firestation

Tripping with fun!

A School students love the thrill of going on theme trips. The whole experience of going out together with fellow students and teachers always raises the levels of enthusiasm.

This time most of the branches went on a Theme Trip to a Fire Station and few to the Library. These trips enhance their learning through active hands-on experience. It helps them understand the concept better and recall what they learnt better. It also becomes an experience to be cherished forever.

Plans to undertake a Theme Trip to a Fire Station or Library was planned in advance. Students were taught what a fire station was and what they were likely to see. They were taught words related to fires stations like fire engine, helmet, hose and so on. They were also taught rhymes like I'm a Big Red Fire Truck, Drive the Fire Truck.


Fireman demonstrating the fire engine’s functions to students of the Annnanagar West Branch


A bright and cheery trip for students of the Annnanagar West Branch

The Annnanagar West Branch students were well-prepared to undertake their trip to the fire station. They were briefed about the fire station and its activities through a slide show. They were taken there in batches.


Students in the Nursery were taught simple words on the theme like fire engine, fireman and colour of the fire engine. They were very happy to see the fire engine and the way it sprayed water. Kindergarten I students were given a demonstration on how to put off fire. A lighter moment happened when one of the firemen asked, “How to put off fire?”  Jaswanth immediately responded, “We have to pour water”. Then the fireman asked, “What will you do if there is a lot of fire?”

Jaswanth replied, “We will pour big water” and everyone laughed.


Students of Kindergarten II and Primary I went together for the field trip.  This was the first time they were travelling with their friends and they found the experience invigorating. On reaching the fire station, one of the firemen explained the procedure to rescue a fire victim and action to be taken if something catches fire. He also showed the working of the fire engine and its parts.


The Primary II & III students visited the fire station together and learnt about the fire triangle. They were also taught to connect a hose and to put off fire. Finally, there was review of the field trip in each class and it generated very positive feedback.   

The Kilpauk Branch had a theme trip to the Kilpauk Fire Station. There was a lot of excitement in the air as fire engines are one of the things they have learnt about and seen on roads.


Kilpauk Fire Station

Six students from the Nursery handled by their teacher Hemalatha were part of the visit. They identified the fire engine and its bright, red colour. They enjoyed the demonstration by the officers. There were 14 students from Kindergarten I and handled by Poonam. Bharathi taught them a song on firemen. They all sang this at School before leaving for the field trip. When they reached the fire station, they were happy and eager to know more. The Firemen taught them about various aspects of their work like wearing gum boots, delivery pipe, fire safety suit besides anti-fire equipment and the fire engine. They were also taught that in case of any emergency they could call-101.

20 Students from Kindergarten II lead by Lekshmy were taught about what to do in case of fire accident, the equipment used and which number to call in case of an emergency. They also learnt a song on Firemen.


Students of the Kilpauk Branch listen to the speech at the fire station

Primary I was lead by J. Visalakshi and 19 children were part of the trip. They all enjoyed seeing the fire engine and things that showed by the TNFS Officers. They explained to the children about the gum boots, fire entry dress, helmets, delivery hose, suction pipe, escaping rope, life jacket, etc. The officers were proud to show their new state-of-art Fire Engine from Japan which could rescue people even from 153 feet high buildings.. 

16 students of Primary II headed by S. Sudha took the trip and learnt about the functions and parts of the fire engine. A demonstration was performed by the TNFS officers. The firemen wore their fire proof dress with rubber boots and helmets. The functioning of the fire extinguisher and delivery Hose pipe was demonstrated. They were also taught that 101 is the Dial number to the fire station.

Students of the Ashok Nagar 4th Avenue Branch visited the Fire Station and learnt about various functions of the fire engines, the firemen and the equipment used.


Fire Officer explaining the functions of his team to students of the AshokNagar 4th Avenue Branch


Fire Officer demonstrating the fire suit to students of the AshokNagar 4th Avenue Branch

Students at the Anna Nagar East Branch had a Field Trip to a fire station that has been in operation for 150 years. Before the trip, students were taught about various things they would see at the fire station and words like Fire Truck, Firefighter, Ladder and so on.


Fire Officer explaining to students of Annanagar East Branch


Annanagar East Branch students shown the fire station

25 students set off for the station on 5th October and were excited. They learnt a new song and sang this on the way which added to the cheerful mood. On reaching the Fire Service Officers received us with all smiles and then explained how different kinds of fire accidents are caused through gas leakage and electricity. They also explained other emergencies like snake bite. They were shown the different kinds of fire-fighting equipment and the firemen explained how they were used.

The best part was when children were given the thrill of actually climbing onto the fire truck and given a demonstration of the siren. This is something they will never forget. Photos were taken and a box of sweets was presented to them by the Class Minister.


Students from the Valasaravakkam Branch visited the Ashok Pillar Fire station in batches, the first batch comprised of Primary I and Nursery, then next one had Kindergarten I and few Kindergarten II kids and the last batch had Kindergarten II kids.




The trip started on a cheery note as kids sang rhymes in the bus and were happy to visit a fire station. They were welcomed warmly and shown a fire engine, a bike that has fire extinguishers, fire fighter and so on.

The kids shook hands with the fire fighter and the officer there explained how different kinds of fires, for instance caused by short circuit, chemical and so on had to be put out.



Students of Valasaravakkam Branch engrossed in a speech on the fire proof dress



Special fire fighting bike!

They were shown a bike used in fire fighting which specially helps while travelling through very narrow streets and costs Rs. 6 lakhs. Bikes like this are available only in 5 Indian states - Haryana, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi. They were also shown a demo of water gushing out of the hose and reaching great heights. The kids enjoyed that demo and shouted with joy. They kept singing rhymes and the officers gave us pamphlets, calendars, etc as a token of love. The kids said a big thank you to them.




Nursery students were taught about the fire engine and bike. On the way back to school, the kids sang the fire men rhymes with joy as they had just seen them at close quarters. Kindergarten I students were taught ways of putting out fire. The fire fighter allowed each child to wear the fire proof costume and it was a great treat that made the trip so memorable.

Kindergarten II students enjoyed the trip and the demo and the talk was made very interactive. Questions were asked and the child who answered it right was given a big round of applause. Without any hesitation, the putting out of fire using water was shown to the kids again and again. Primary I students enjoyed an interesting conversation with the firefighters. They were shown the techniques to put off fire and types of fire accidents. They clarified their doubts and also answered the questions asked by the officer. They showcased excellent discipline in the fire station and got outstanding remarks from the officials there.

Students of Ashoknagar 4th Avenue School visited the Ashoknagar Fire Station. The fire fighters had arranged for a demo. They displayed the fire proof uniform used while fighting against fire. The children were very excited when they saw the motorcycle specially designed for the fire fighters. They switched on the siren and made them listen to the sound of the siren and the lights in the bike.





Fire-fighting bike at the Ashoknagar Fire Station

The students were thrilled when the fire fighters demonstrated how the water is gushed out from the engine through the hose pipes with full force. They also showed them articles like a life jacket, life helmet, fire gloves, life guard etc. They dressed themselves with the jacket gloves and the headgear and demonstrated to the children.




Fire Hose being demonstrated at the Ashoknagar Fire Station


On the way to the fire station, students happily sang the song ‘I am a big red fire truck’. They brought whistles and blew them when they were in the van. They also had a touch and feel of the fire engine and the other equipment. The officers gave them posters and manuals on fire safety. They taught them emergency phone numbers to call the Fire Station, Police, Ambulance and so on.


Students of Ashoknagar 4th Avenue School


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